The story of Bembo

A nameless spirit was roaming the sky. With no name and no family to love you, you are free to travel the world but no one can see you and you have nowhere to rest. The nameless spirit missed having a name and a family. He had been looking for a place to rest for a long time. He looked and listened and tried to find a family.

Then, one day, the spirit found a young couple lying in bed, talking about the future. They were a sweet young couple and the spirit understood that they were in love. He listened to their dreams and plans and it made him feel happy. It was a feeling he had never felt before.

He lay down between the couple and their voices made him feel sleepy. He curled up next to the young woman and felt her warmth and the friendly rhythm of her beating heart. Soon he was asleep.

A couple of months later the young woman understood that she was expecting a child. She was happy but frightened, too, because she knew she was carrying a life within her, a free spirit that would grow up to become a human with a mind and heart of his own. It was a life that needed her more than anything in the whole universe.

The spirit growing inside her had chosen her and trusted her with his life, and the greatest gift she could give him was to be happy. That is a great responsibility for anyone, not least for a young woman, and every day she prayed, asking God for strength and guidance, and she felt she was not alone.

For many months she carried the growing life and her stomach grew so big it was hard for her to breath sometimes. It was during this time she decided that if the baby was a boy his name would be Bembo, and if it was a girl, Andrique – names filled with love and good will. And so the spirit had a name, although it did not know it yet.

The day he was born the whole family was there and his father said, ‘Welcome to this world, Bembo!’ His mind could not understand the words, but his heart knew what it meant. Now he was a human; he had a name and a family who loved him; he had a family, a home. He was no longer a free spirit who could roam the world. Instead he had a place where he belonged.

And one day, many years from now, he will leave us and become a spirit again. That is the law of life. But his name will never be forgotten, it already travels the world, free as a spirit but with a home in the hearts of many people.

His name is Bembo and this is his story, as far as I can write it. From now on Bembo writes his own story…

This fairy tale in Swedish: Sagan om Bembo.


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