The lonely star

Once upon a time there was a bright shining star in the middle of the universe. Everybody admired her, and everybody wanted to be near her, since she was so beautiful. Stars and planets and the occasional black hole came wandering from all over the universe to bask themselves in her glory.

It was glitter and glamour. It was mingle and gossip. Red nebulous was rolled out, and sun storms flashed so that you could see them light years away. Even the ruler of the universe noticed the dazzling crowd, even tough he always had so much to do that he rarely had time to do anything.

But the middle of the universe is not infinite; everybody doesn’t fit in. That is why they set free a couple of half-lit moons to circle around the whole shebang, deciding whom to let in. And that way, everybody who was somebody was happy.

But even if the centre of the universe was brighter then ever before, the beautiful star was discontent. Before that, everybody had come to see her. Now they were all busy with themselves. Nobody cared about her anymore, and her beautiful starlight was drowned in the light of all the others.

Finally she had had enough and jumped straight into empty space and went somewhere else. It was a real big bang and a lot of stars followed her out to space unintentionally.

The star travelled from galaxy to galaxy but her radiance had faded considerably, and many young followers were now brighter shining stars. Sure, many wanted to see her but just as many wanted to shine over her. Nowhere did she find rest. As her radiance faded, it became more and more important to her to find a dark place in space where she could shine alone, in all her glory.

Then she saw a black hole floating around in space. Black holes are sneaky creatures that suck up all light and all joy coming near them. And this hole was bigger and darker than anything the star had seen before.

I shall light up that hole, she thought. I will light up the darkest darkness and yet again become the most famous star in the whole universe.

Being swallowed by a black hole is not very difficult. If you get to close, you get swept in without means to defend yourself. And when the star felt how strong this black hole was, she understood that this darkness was stronger than her light, but then it was already too late. She disappeared and was never seen again.

That is how the darkest black hole in universe swallowed the brightest star in the universe. Luckily, it all took place a long time ago, in a place far, far from here, or else it would have been too sad.

This fairy tale in Swedish: Sagan om stjärnan.


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