The Blackbird’s song

Kåltrastens sång
It was a lovely day! All the birds had come together and sang for bird and country. The trees played with shadow-figures on the ground, the flowers courted the wind and danced, the sun beamed like a sun over each and everyone, and spring could hardly sit still of anticipation.

It was a party, all right. The Blackbirds were getting married.

The bullfinch looked at them with a sombre expression and asked if they wanted to marry and live happily ever after. This they wanted and now the party could finally blossom.

Mr. Blackbird looked at his wife and said she was the most beautiful Mrs. Blackbird there was. Mrs. Blackbird giggled and said that Mr Blackbird was the most handsome Mr. Blackbird she’d ever seen.

Ah, that’s love…

But all ready black clouds were clouding up. A storm rose at the horizon, and all sensible animals took shelter. But Mr. and Mrs. Blackbird only had eyes for each other and didn’t see the danger that was closing in. Before they knew it, the wind took hold of them and cast them away.

Kåltrastens sång

The storm rustled and bustled about the trees. Mr and Mrs Blackbird got farther and farther away from each other, and when the storm finally died down they were lost and could not found their way back.

The sun turned yellow again, and Mr. Blackbird started to sing the most beautiful songs he knew, so that his wife would hear him. But it was spring and all the birds sang about love. Poor Mr. Blackbird – his song drowned in the symphony.

Mrs. Blackbird flew from bush to bush calling out for her husband, but it was spring and all the birds was calling out the name of their love ones. Poor Mrs. Blackbird – her callings got lost in the commotion.

Both Mr and Mrs. Blackbird called each other’s name and sang songs of love, but still the one could not find the other. And now the sun set behind the clouds. A tender rain tiptoed over the forest; all the birds turn silent and withdrew to their nests, as birds do.

But not Mr. Blackbird. He kept singing in the rain, because his heart was filled with sorrow. He sang louder and more beautiful than ever before. The only sound in the forest beside the drip, drop, dripping of the rain was his song about love – and finally Mrs. Blackbird could hear him.

She answered him with a song of love, and thus they found each other again, Mr. and Mrs Blackbird. Their happiness was complete, and ever since that day the blackbird sings of love every time the rain falls.

If you go outside you may hear hit.

Koltrastens sång

This fairy-tale is dedicated to my wife who, like the Blackbirds, always sings, even when it rains.

This fairy tale in Swedish: Sagan om koltrastens sång.

Author: Hans Christer Barregren
Illustrations by Liusa.


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