I got it, said the troll

Once there was a troll. Big and ugly it was. He’s been to the market buying candy. Now he grabbed one of those old iron rings you find at the piers, where the ship lay alongside.

“I got it!” he yelled, pulling that ring for all he was worth. “I got it!” he cried. “I can feel it! It’s coming!”

It was Saturday afternoon and gentlemen were out walking with their misses, wearing big cylinder hats and white gloves, saying “Giddy ma’am” and “Enchanting weather, isn’t it” as gentlemen did in those days.

And the ladies wore big hats and dresses in lace, walking back and forth, hand in arms, with their love ones, saying “ah” and “oh” as ladies did in those days.

And the troll yelled: “I got it!” His eyes rolled and the tail beating the dust. “I got it!” he cried; sweat squirting out of his ears.

“I say, can he really pull it up, you think?” said the gentlemen gathering to watch the spectacle.

“I got it!” the troll cried. “I can feel it! It’s coming!”

“Oh, is it safe, you think?” said the ladies, holding on to their husband.

“I got it!” the troll cried one last time… and then he produced a firth so great it was heard in more then three parish. The gentlemen lost their hats in the gust of wind, and the ladies fell flat on their asses.

“There you are”, the troll said. “I told you I got it.”

You might wanna know this story is almost all together true. The troll was my grandfather’s uncle, Nils. My grandfather told me this story himself. The only difference is that uncle Nils had bought something much stronger than candy. But I can’t put that in a story, can I?

This fairy tale in Swedish: Den kommer sade trollet.


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