Baby Wave’s Saga

The waves of Atlantic are gigantic monsters! They butt together, fighting and roaring. They love to rear like wild horses and fall headlong into the water. And then they race across the sea, competing about who’s the biggest and the strongest of them all.

In this furious muscle wave’s chaos lived a kind and gentle wave called Baby Wave. Unfortunately for Babyface, the seagulls loved to sit on him and talk about this and that, as seagulls do.

”Yesterday I caught a crab like… this big!” one seagull might say and measure the catch with his wing.

”Ah, that is nothing!” an other seagull might say. ”I caught a crab twice as big the other day – but it got away!”

Baby Wave was crossed when the seagulls landed on him. The other waves teased him and called him Gullywave. He thought that one day he would be bigger and stronger than all of them – and then he will show them!

But also the jellyfish loved to gather around him, chit chatting, as jellyfish do.

”Oh! I met the most handsome lion’s mane the other day,” one jellyfish might say and wink coquettish with her long eyelashes. ”He had the most charming curls in his red tentacles.”

”Ah, that’s nothing!” an other jellyfish might say. ”Yesterday I saw a lion’s mane with dreadlocks.”

And then they both giggle, as jellyfish do when they talk about other jellyfishes.

Baby Wave didn’t liked being swarmed by a bunch of jellyfishes. The other waves teased him and called him the Jellywave.

Then one day the Great North Wind rose. He wanted do name the sea’s strongest wave. All the waves rushed roaring and snorting about, butting and fighting for the title.

Even Baby Wave got caught up in the general commotion. This might his chance to show what he’s made of. He started to splash about in the water, but then a big wave gave him a push, and he lost his flow.

”Move away, Babyface!” the wave shouted at him. ”I have a race to win!”

This made Baby Wave very angry. He had enough! Everybody was teasing him because he was small, but he would show them! He caught a great gust of wind, blew up like a sail and took of over the sea.

Woooaaaaa! What a speed! He was much lighter than the other waves and flew over the water. Soon he passed the wave that had pushed him. He dived into the water to catch his breath – and took of again, speeding like no wave ever sped before, ever, in any the seven seas.

He grew bigger and bigger and BIGGER. Nobody could tease him for being small now, and nobody dared call him babyface, because he was gigantious.

He dived into the water. And up again with his big sail. And down again to collect him self and back on top. He was so happy and joyously, laughing and singing. He didn’t even notice the coast approaching.

He thrust himself forward to dive down into the glorious water – but there was no water. With a SPLASH he landed right on the beach. All his plans and dreams of greatness fizzled out, turning into sand and nothing. He knew it would take some time before he tried something as daring as this again.

This fairy tale in Swedish: Sagan om vågen.


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